the idea

The brand “Genti delle alture” originates from the idea of two young entrepreneurs who made of the deep bond with the Samnite soil and the improvement of food excellences, a purpose in life.

Our enterprise aims at becoming a landmark in the agri-food market for the local enterprises, taking the leading role in preserving and exalting the origins, traditions and the old tastes of an unspoiled and generous land, to meet the consumers’ expectations and to promote our peculiarities all over the world.

Our “core business” is represented by the most typical agricultural products of the Campanian hinterland, the food excellences of our flourishing Beneventan Samnium and green Irpinia.
Their existence over the centuries means they have a deep value of uniqueness. It is therefore essential to achieve the competences which are not given by profit but by the recognition of our quality on the market.

Our work today and tomorrow will be directed: to develop the agricultural productions of our land, with the utmost respect for tradition and man’s presence on his lands.

Antonio Mesisca

Antonio Mesisca (Benevento, May 20, 1985), Archaeologist with academic and professional experience in cultural heritage, he obtained in 2008 at the University of the Studies of Molise my bachelor’s degree … Read More

Enrico Petriella

Enrico Petriella (Benevento, April 24, 1986) in 2004 follows the Institute of Technical Sales Circello by the diploma in accounting. Age ‘of 19 years his stubbornness but especially want to … Read More