Enrico Petriella

Enrico Petriella (Benevento, April 24, 1986) in 2004 follows the Institute of Technical Sales Circello by the diploma in accounting. Age ‘of 19 years his stubbornness but especially want to work and grow with their own hands the check on family opposition and emigrated to Switzerland. In 2006 he was hired as a laborer from a small factory specializing in the construction and manufacture of high precision mechanical devices located near Zurich. The company is appreciated for his determination and dedication to technical drawing. In 2008, tired of his role as a laborer within the same company, after several attempts managed to convince his employer in grant him the opportunity to study in congegnitore and toolmaker mechanic in German language, all this to the general amazement ( being foreign immigrant from just three years in Switzerland).

In 2012 he manages to achieve the long-awaited degree with the opportunity to continue working in the same company. In 2013 adds the Diploma qualification CNC Programmer (Computerized Numerical Control) always in the field of precision mechanics and Robotistica. Late 2013 with the intent to improve even more his writing skills and communication in German language, it moves the consent of the employer in that of Bochum in neighboring Germany, where in addition to the German language lessons in secretarial work for a clinical Hospital of the famous place. Back in Switzerland at the time, in addition to working at 100% and ‘Winterthur HF enrolled in the Faculty of Technical Maschinentechniker.