We have been using the world’s most famous e-commerce platform for a week now to let everyone know about our products, making them more accessible.

Right now we are focusing on our wines offer but the intent is to widen the choice with the launch of the entire range of Genti delle Alture brand products to satisfy every need.

You can find specific information on each product on Amazon, from the images to the organoleptic characteristic of wines, further more you will be more than welcome to helkp us to improve through your reviews.

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The project of start up “Genti delle Alture” tomorrow will presented live at 9.00 am on “Radio Italia Uno Adelaide“, landmark of italian community in Australia.
The young company in a short time it managed to attract the international attention and curiosity.
For us it is an important opportunity for Know our project and the italian emigrants feel attached to our origins and traditions.

” At the extreme light of the event that occurred last October and which involved the Sannio , causing extensive damage to the citizens and to public infrastructure , the MP TRADE company with the brand PEOPLE OF THE HEIGHTS organized for Saturday, April 16 in Zurich, a charity dinner of products Made in Sannio , to promote a fundraiser in favor of Circello territory , among the most damaged by the flood . This initiative in continuity with the strong attachment that links our business project to the Sunni territory , is animated the social responsibility of our company , aimed at the common good of the land where we were born and the enhancement of our excellence . special thanks to the City of Circello , to its institutional representatives , the Italian community of Zurich and to the many who have worked with us the charity event successful . ”
Antonio Mesisca – Enrico Petriella